March 29, 2012

QT Talk Announces the Release of New Speed Dial Feature

New York, NY – March 29, 2012 – QT Talk Inc., a leader in prepaid international long-distance, has unveiled a new feature that allows subscribers of its Pure Minutes International Calling service to make international calls in one simple step. QT Talk announces Speed Dialing as a further expansion to its technology. Subscribed callers would normally dial a QT Talk local access number to make an international call. Through modern “Automatic Caller Identification” software, the QT Talk system would automatically recognize the subscribed caller, making the need for complicated PIN codes a thing of the past. Once identified by the system, users would dial their international destination number over the QT Talk network, experiencing quality talk time at low-cost rates.

With the introduction of the new Speed Dialing feature, subscribers can now shorten the dialing process even further. Right from their online account, subscribers can register the name and international destination number of their most frequently dialed contacts to receive a personal access number. Each contact will have its own unique personal access number that, when dialed, will automatically ring to the contact destination number in one simple touch. This feature is available to all Pure Minute subscribers using both simple and smart mobile phone handsets.

“This development is a major enhancement in an already simple calling process. Our subscribers can save these personal access numbers under each contact in their normal phonebook and by simply pressing send, can be immediately connected to their far end contacts. During the process our system notifies the user of their balance and minutes remaining for call based on destination,” says Bart Bekiesz, Senior VOIP Engineer at QT Talk.

About QT Talk:

QT Talk provides prepaid international long distance through their service named Pure Minutes. Pure Minutes provides low-cost international calling without the need of changing your current landline or mobile phone provider that may have expensive and limited international calling plans. Pure Minutes allows you to only pay per call for the minutes you want to use, when you want to use them without the worry of expiring minutes, hidden fees, or annual contracts. You can easily recharge at any retail location where Pure Minutes is sold or online at www.pureminutes.com.