April 19, 2012

QT Talk Announces the Release of Pure Top UP

NEW YORK, NY – April 19, 2012 – QT Talk has unveiled a product named Pure Top UP. This revolutionary product is a concept that goes hand-in-hand with their current product Pure Minutes. Many QT Talk subscribers who are calling their loved ones and Associates from the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico are now able to pay the mobile phone bills for the people they call in over 50 countries throughout the world. This product released by QT Talk is a new service that is the result of identifying a need for theseinternational callers who often transfer money internationally to direct funds to pay the mobile phone bills back in their home country. QT Talk is a leading international phone service provider in many of the immigrant communities. It has a vast distribution network and is affiliated with many of the major money transfer organizations. Offering Pure Top UP is a natural progression and an automatic fit alongside the Pure Minute offering.

"We have seen immediate success in Pure Top sales as soon as it is released to some of our key corporate distributors. The growth is exciting and overwhelming. This is the perfect product to complement our existing subscriber base of Pure Minutes," says Rhandy Taveras, Director of Business Development.

The Pure Top UP product extends its reach not only to the US and Canada, but to Central America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. QT Talk is essentially allowing its database of existing and future subscribers to pay the bills of mobile operators such as Claro, Tigo, Telcel and Vodafone. These foreign mobile phone bills that are paid in the United States are funded directly to the carriers. QT Talk is seeking relationships with these mobile operators that will allow them to route international voice traffic originated by QT Talk and terminated directly to the mobile operators switching facility abroad. This will yield the greatest level of voice quality with an overwhelming improvement in cost. QT Talk also seeks the ability to carry northbound traffic out of the countries that these mobile operators exist in. QT Talk will be giving aggressive pricing for its consumer base both at home and abroad. A larger marketing campaign will help get the word out. A campaign with Univision will help promote this product alongside the Pure Minutes product. For now dramatic success has occurred by simply piggybacking on the existing subscriber base. Trust is a major factor in any of these products, and QT Talk has certainly earned that reputation. International calls made over the QT Talk network are typically 60% lower for our users than those made over their current mobile or home carrier's network. With Pure Minute's there is no longer a dependency on the traditional calling card which many of the PRE-PAID (Non-Banking) consumers rely on as a means of communicating with family and friends abroad.

About QT Talk:

QT Talk provides prepaid international long distance services for Residential, Business and Mobile Services. The company offers flexible and affordable calling plans delivered through its Hosted VoIP platform, residential IP connectivity, business Internet and Mobile devices, replacing traditional telephone service, international calling plans and calling card programs. QT Talk services can be bought from a number of retail outlets, leading telephony consultants, and directly by contacting 212-461-3669.