International Rates

QT Talk offers Awesome International Rates for destinations around the globe!

Check out the table below to see the savings you get calling on the QT Talk Network.

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Afghanistan Land0.2500
Afghanistan Roshan Mobile0.2500
Afghanistan At Mobile0.2500
Afghanistan Areeba Mobile0.2500
Afghanistan Awcc Mobile0.2500
Afghanistan Etisalat Mobile0.2500
Albania Land0.2990
Albania Plus Mobile0.4990
Albania Eagle Mobile0.4990
Albania Amc Mobile0.4990
Albania Vodafone Mobile0.4990
Albania - Premium0.1990
Algeria Land0.0840
Algeria Mpta Mobile0.6990
Algeria - Cellular0.6990
Algeria Wataniya Mobile0.6990
Algeria - Cellular Mobilis0.3990
Algeria Orascom Mobile0.4990
American Samoa Land0.1200
American Samoa Mobile0.1200
Andorra Land0.0900
Andorra Mobile0.4500
Angola Land0.1890
Angola Movicel Mobile0.2700
Angola Movicel Mobile0.2700
Angola Unitel Mobile0.2700
Angola Unitel Mobile0.2700
Anguilla Land0.3000
Anguilla Mobile0.3000
Anguilla Digicel Mobile0.3000
Antigua & Barbuda Land0.2280
Antigua & Barbuda Mobile0.2280
Argentina Land0.0390
Argentina Mobile0.2990
Armenia Land0.2990
Armenia Orange Mobile0.2700
Armenia Viva Cell Mobile0.2700
Armenia Armentel Mobile0.2700
Armenia Karabakh Mobile0.2700
Aruba Land0.2990
Aruba Mobile0.2700
Aruba Digicel Mobile0.2700
Australia Land0.0390
Australia Mobile0.2090
Australia Telstra Mobile0.2090
Australia Optus Mobile0.0500
Australia Vodafone Mobile0.2090
Austria Land0.1990
Austria T-Mobile Mobile0.2990
Austria H3g Mobile0.2990
Austria Mobilkom Mobile0.2990
Austria Orange Mobile0.2990
Austria Mobile5.0000
Azerbaijan Land0.2150
Azerbaijan Catel Mobile0.3990
Azerbaijan Mobile0.3990
Azerbaijan Bakcell Mobile0.3990
Bahamas Land0.2400
Bahamas Mobile0.2400
Bahrain Land0.1430
Bahrain Viva Fixed0.1430
Bahrain Mobile0.1430
Bahrain Viva Mobile0.1430
Bahrain Mtc Mobile0.1430
Bangladesh Land0.0340
Bangladesh Mobile0.0340
Barbados Land0.1500
Barbados Mobile0.2380
Barbados Digicel Mobile0.2380
Belarus Land0.3990
Belarus Mobile0.3150
Belarus Mts Mobile0.3150
Belgium Land0.1990
Belgium Proximus Mobile0.4450
Belgium Mobile0.4450
Belgium Base Mobile6.4100
Belgium Mobistar Mobile0.4450
Belgium - Cellular6.4100
Belize Land0.2500
Belize Mobile0.2500
Benin Land0.3990
Benin Bell Benin Mobile0.3990
Benin Globacom Mobile0.3990
Benin Libercom Mobile0.3990
Benin Moov Mobile0.3990
Benin Mtn Mobile0.3990
Bermuda Land0.0800
Bermuda Mobile0.0800
Bhutan Land0.2100
Bhutan Mobile0.2800
Bhutan Mobile0.2800
Bolivia Land0.2990
Bolivia Mobile0.1990
Bolivia Nuevatel Mobile0.1730
Bolivia Telecel Mobile0.1730
Bolivia Entel Mobile0.1730
Bolivia La Paz Rural0.2990
Bolivia Santa Cruz Rural0.2990
Bolivia Cochabamba Rural0.2990
Bosnia & Herzegovina Land0.2000
Bosnia & Herzegovina Bh Mobile0.3450
Bosnia & Herzegovina Ht Eronet (Mostar) Mobile0.3450
Bosnia & Herzegovina Srpske (Mtel) Mobile0.3450
Botswana Land0.1150
Botswana Mobile0.2990
Botswana Mascom Mobile0.3000
Botswana Orange Mobile0.3000
Brazil Land0.0270
Brazil Mobile0.1290
Brazil Tim Mobile0.1290
Brazil Cellular Oi0.1290
Brazil Cellular Trunk0.1290
Brazil Cellular Vivo0.1290
Brazil - Maringa0.1290
British Virgin Islands Land0.2290
British Virgin Islands Mobile0.2290
British Virgin Islands Digicel Mobile0.2290
Brunei Land0.1000
Brunei Mobile0.0999
Bulgaria Land0.0800
Bulgaria Mobile0.3450
Bulgaria Mobiltel Mobile0.3450
Bulgaria Globul Mobile0.3450
Bulgaria Max Mobile0.1290
Bulgaria Wimax0.0800
Burkina Faso Land0.2790
Burkina Faso Airtel Mobile0.2790
Burkina Faso Telecel Mobile0.3590
Burkina Faso Telmob Mobile0.3990
Burundi Land0.5000
Burundi Onatel Fixed0.5000
Burundi Onatel Mobile0.5000
Burundi Telcel Mobile0.5000
Burundi Africel Mobile0.5000
Burundi Econet Mobile0.5000
Burundi Lacell Mobile0.5000
Cambodia Land0.0700
Cambodia Mobile0.0700
Cameroon Land0.2990
Cameroon Mtn Mobile0.2990
Cameroon Orange Mobile0.2990
Cameroon Cdma Mobile0.2990
Canada Land0.0290
Canada Independents0.0290
Cape Verde Land0.3750
Cape Verde Mobile0.3750
Cape Verde Mobile Tplus0.3750
Cape Verde Mobile Tplus0.3750
Cayman Islands Land0.2400
Cayman Islands Digicel Mobile0.2400
Cayman Islands Mobile0.2400
Central African Republic Land0.4550
Central African Republic Mobile0.4550
Central African Republic Moov Mobile0.4550
Central African Republic Telecel Mobile6.4100
Chad Land0.6990
Chad Millicom Mobile0.4990
Chad Sotel Mobile0.6990
Chad Airtel Mobile0.6990
Chad Cellular0.6990
Chile Land0.0290
Chile Premium6.4100
Chile Mobile0.0890
China Land0.0190
China Mobile0.0190
China Unicom Mobile0.0190
China Telecom Mobile0.0190
Colombia Land0.0250
Colombia Comcel Mobile0.0250
Colombia Mobile0.0250
Colombia Movistar Mobile0.0250
Colombia Tigo Mobile0.0250
Colombia Other Cities0.0250
Comoros Mobile0.5000
Comoros Mobile Vas0.9990
Congo Fixed Ct0.4720
Congo Land0.4340
Congo Mobile0.4720
Congo Mtn Mobile0.4340
Congo Warid Mobile0.4340
Congo Airtel Mobile0.4340
Congo Azur Mobile0.4340
Costa Rica Land0.0400
Costa Rica Mobile0.0600
Costa Rica Telefonica Mobile0.0600
Costa Rica Claro Mobile0.0600
Country Of Sint Maarten Land0.1990
Croatia Land0.3990
Croatia Vipnet Mobile0.3990
Croatia Tele2 Mobile0.3990
Cuba Land0.6990
Cyprus Land0.0820
Cyprus Areeba Mobile0.0820
Cyprus Primetel Mobile0.0820
Cyprus Cyta-Vodafone Mobile0.0820
Czech Republic Land0.0550
Czech Republic Telefonica O2 Mobile0.2250
Czech Republic T-Mobile Mobile0.2250
Czech Republic Vodafone Mobile0.2250
Czech Republic Mobilkom Mobile0.2250
Dem. Rep. Of Congo Land0.4000
Dem. Rep. Of Congo Mobile0.4000
Dem. Rep. Of Congo Mtn Mobile0.4000
Dem. Rep. Of Congo Vodacom Mobile0.4000
Dem. Rep. Of Congo Mobile Cct0.4000
Dem. Rep. Of Congo Sait Mobile0.4000
Dem. Rep. Of Congo Airtel Mobile0.4000
Denmark Land0.0170
Denmark Tdc Mobile0.1550
Denmark Telenor Mobile0.1550
Denmark Telia Mobile0.1550
Denmark Mobile0.1550
Diego Garcia Land1.5000
Diego Garcia Mobile1.5000
Djibouti Land0.5200
Djibouti Mobile0.5200
Dominica Land0.2750
Dominica Mobile0.2750
Dominica Digicel Mobile0.2750
Dominican Republic Land0.0360
Dominican Republic Mobile0.1040
Dominican Republic Cellular Trilogy0.1040
Dominican Republic Orange Mobile0.1040
Ecuador Land0.1200
Ecuador Porta Mobile0.2190
Ecuador Mobile0.2190
Ecuador Alegro Mobile0.2190
Egypt Land0.0800
Egypt Mobile0.1220
Egypt Etisalat Misr Mobile0.1220
El Salvador Land0.1490
El Salvador Digicel Mobile0.1490
El Salvador Mobile0.1490
El Salvador Personal Mobile0.1490
El Salvador Telefonica Mobile0.1490
El Salvador Telemovil Mobile0.1490
Eritrea Land0.4050
Eritrea Mobile0.4050
Estonia Land0.0750
Estonia Mobile6.4100
Estonia Emt Mobile0.3750
Estonia Elisa Mobile0.3750
Estonia Tele 2 Mobile0.3750
Estonia Special Services0.4990
Ethiopia Land0.2000
Ethiopia Mobile0.2000
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Mobile0.2000
Faroe Islands Land0.2250
Faroe Islands Mobile0.2250
Fiji Land0.4250
Fiji Digicel Mobile0.4250
Fiji Mobile0.4250
Finland Land0.0600
Finland Sonera Mobile0.2100
Finland Mobile0.2100
Finland Elisa Mobile0.2100
France Land0.0390
France Special Services0.3500
France Bouygues Mobile0.0650
France Free Mobile0.0400
France Globalstar Mobile0.3990
France Mobile0.0650
France Orange Mobile0.0650
France Sfr Mobile0.0650
French Guiana Land0.0400
French Guiana Orange Mobile0.0610
French Guiana Mobile0.0610
French Guiana Digicel Mobile0.0610
French Guiana Outremer Mobile0.0610
French Polynesia Land0.2700
French Polynesia Mobile0.2700
Gabon Land0.4490
Gabon Libertis Mobile0.4490
Gabon Moov Mobile0.5990
Gabon Airtel Mobile0.4490
Gabon Azur Mobile0.5990
Gabon Cellular Bintel0.5990
Gambia Land0.5990
Gambia Africell Mobile0.5990
Gambia Mobile0.5990
Gambia Comium Mobile0.5990
Gambia Gamcel Mobile0.5990
Georgia Land0.2990
Georgia Geocell Mobile0.2990
Georgia Magticom Mobile0.2990
Georgia Mobile0.2990
Georgia Special Services5.0000
Germany Land0.0300
Germany Special0.0300
Germany Voip0.0300
Germany 02 Mobile0.0300
Germany E-Plus Mobile0.0300
Germany T-Mobile Mobile0.0300
Germany Vistream Mobile0.0300
Germany Vodafone Mobile0.0300
Ghana Land0.3990
Ghana Airtel Mobile0.2590
Ghana Expresso Mobile0.2590
Ghana Globacom Mobile0.2590
Ghana Mtn Mobile0.2590
Ghana Tigo Mobile0.2590
Ghana Vodafone Mobile0.2590
Gibraltar Land0.4050
Gibraltar Mobile0.4050
Greece Land0.0390
Greece Wind Mobile0.2390
Greece Vodafone Mobile0.2390
Greece Cosmote Mobile0.2390
Grenada Land0.3300
Grenada Mobile0.3300
Grenada Digicel Mobile0.3300
Guadeloupe Land0.1050
Guadeloupe Mobile0.5250
Guadeloupe Digicel Mobile0.5250
Guadeloupe Orange Mobile0.5250
Guatemala Land0.1190
Guatemala Mobile0.1190
Guatemala Movistar Mobile0.1190
Guatemala Sercom Mobile0.1190
Guatemala Comcel Mobile0.1190
Guinea Land0.3990
Guinea Areeba Mobile0.3990
Guinea Mobile0.3990
Guinea Orange Mobile0.3990
Guinea Intercel Mobile0.3990
Guinea Cellcom Mobile0.3990
Guinea Mai Mobile0.3990
Guinea Bissau Land0.5990
Guinea Bissau Orange Mobile0.4200
Guinea Bissau Mtn Mobile0.4200
Guinea Bissau Cellular Guinetel0.4200
Guinea Bissau Special Services0.7990
Guyana Land0.2270
Guyana Mobile0.2270
Guyana Digicel Mobile0.1020
Guyana Cellular0.2630
Haiti Land0.2790
Haiti Mobile0.2790
Haiti Cellular Natcom0.2790
Haiti Comcel Mobile0.2790
Haiti Digicel Mobile0.2790
Haiti Fixed Natcom0.2790
Honduras Land0.1490
Honduras Tigo Mobile0.1490
Honduras Claro Mobile0.1490
Honduras Digicel Mobile0.1490
Honduras Hondutel Mobile0.1490
Hong Kong Land0.0250
Hong Kong Mobile0.0250
Hungary Land0.0750
Hungary Pannon Mobile0.2550
Hungary T-Mobile Mobile0.2550
Hungary Vodafone Mobile0.2550
Hungary Cellular Tesco0.2550
Iceland Land0.0850
Iceland Mobile0.0850
Iceland Siminn Mobile0.3150
Iceland Vodafone Mobile0.3150
Iceland Cellular IMC0.0850
India Land0.0190
India Mobile0.0190
India Bsnl Mobile0.0190
Indonesia Land0.1200
Indonesia Mobile0.1650
Indonesia Telkomsel Mobile0.1650
Indonesia Indosat Mobile0.1650
Indonesia Excelcomindo Mobile0.1650
Indonesia Major Cities0.1200
Indonesia Cellular Satellite0.1650
Inmarsat SNAC Yamaguchi7.5000
Inmarsat SNAC7.5000
Iran Land0.1150
Iran Mobile0.1550
Iran Mtn Mobile0.1690
Iraq Land0.1990
Iraq Asiacell Mobile0.1900
Iraq Fanous Mobile0.2350
Iraq Korektel Mobile0.1900
Iraq Kurdish Mobile0.2350
Iraq Mobile0.1900
Iraq Zain Mobile0.1900
Iraq Cellular Midyanet0.1900
Ireland Land0.0550
Ireland Mobile0.2950
Ireland H3g Mobile0.2950
Ireland Meteor Mobile0.2950
Ireland 02 Mobile0.2950
Ireland Vodafone Mobile0.2950
Ireland Special Services5.0000
Ireland Dublin0.2950
Ireland Freephone0.2950
Israel Land0.0170
Israel Mobile0.0380
Israel Palestine Mobile0.2000
Italy Land0.0400
Italy Milan0.0400
Italy Rome0.0400
Italy H3g Mobile0.2990
Italy Mobile0.1990
Italy Tim Mobile0.1990
Italy Vodafone Mobile0.1990
Italy Wind Mobile0.1990
Ivory Coast Land0.3990
Ivory Coast Moov Mobile0.3190
Ivory Coast Mtn Mobile0.3190
Ivory Coast Orange Mobile0.3190
Ivory Coast Oricell Mobile0.3190
Ivory Coast Aircomm Mobile0.3990
Ivory Coast Comium Mobile0.3190
Ivory Coast Premium0.3990
Jamaica Land0.1990
Jamaica Mobile0.1990
Jamaica Oceanic Mobile0.1990
Jamaica Digicel Mobile0.1990
Japan Land0.0400
Japan Mobile0.0660
Japan Osaka0.0660
Japan Special Services0.0660
Jordan Land0.2990
Jordan Mobilecom Mobile0.2990
Jordan Umniah Mobile0.2990
Jordan Fastlink Mobile0.2990
Kazakhstan Land0.2100
Kazakhstan Mobile0.2100
Kazakhstan K-Cell Mobile0.2100
Kazakhstan K-Cell Mobile0.2100
Kazakhstan Kartel Mobile0.2100
Kazakhstan Kartel Mobile0.2100
Kenya Land0.2990
Kenya Orange Mobile0.2990
Kenya Safaricom Mobile0.1090
Kenya Yu Mobile0.2990
Kenya Airtel Mobile0.2990
Kenya Mombassa0.2990
Kuwait Land0.1990
Kuwait Mobile0.0840
Kuwait Zain Mobile0.0840
Kyrgyzstan Land0.1950
Kyrgyzstan Mobile0.1950
Kyrgyzstan Bimokom Mobile0.1950
Kyrgyzstan Nurtelecom Mobile0.1950
Kyrgyzstan Sky Mobile0.1950
Latvia Land 20.2625
Latvia Land0.6000
Latvia Land 10.2625
Latvia Tele2 Mobile0.2620
Latvia Mobile0.6990
Latvia Radiocoms Mobile0.2625
Latvia Bite Mobile0.4990
Latvia Lmt Mobile0.2625
Latvia Riga0.2620
Lebanon Land0.1990
Lebanon Mobile0.2000
Lesotho Land0.3400
Lesotho Econet Mobile0.3400
Lesotho Vodacom Mobile0.3400
Liberia Land0.3570
Liberia Lonestar Mobile0.3570
Liberia Mobile0.4650
Liberia Cellcom Mobile0.3570
Liberia Comium Mobile0.3570
Liberia Cellular Libercell0.4990
Libya Land0.3990
Libya Mobile0.3990
Liechtenstein Land0.7700
Liechtenstein Mobile0.7700
Lithuania Land0.6900
Lithuania Mobile0.6990
Lithuania Tele2 Mobile0.4990
Lithuania Omnitel Mobile0.6990
Lithuania Bite Mobile0.6990
Luxembourg Land0.2000
Luxembourg Mobile0.3300
Luxembourg Mobile0.3300
Luxembourg Vox Mobile0.3300
Macau Land0.2480
Macau Mobile0.2480
Macedonia Land0.2400
Macedonia Cosmofone Land0.1690
Macedonia Tmobile Mobile0.3550
Macedonia Cosmofone Mobile0.3550
Macedonia Vip Mobile0.3550
Macedonia Freephone0.3550
Madagascar Land0.5990
Madagascar Madamobil Mobile0.6850
Madagascar Orange Mobile0.6990
Madagascar Airtel Mobile0.6850
Madagascar Telma Mobile0.6990
Madagascar Premium0.6990
Malawi Land0.3990
Malawi Tnm Mobile0.3990
Malawi Airtel Mobile0.4990
Malaysia Land0.0620
Malaysia Land Mobile0.0190
Malaysia Celcom Mobile0.1070
Malaysia Digi Mobile0.1070
Malaysia Maxis Mobile0.1070
Malaysia U Mobile0.0190
Maldives Land0.9900
Maldives Dhiraagu Fixed0.9300
Maldives Wataniya Fixed0.9300
Maldives Dhiraagu Mobile0.9900
Maldives Wataniya Mobile6.4100
Mali Land0.2250
Mali Malitel Mobile0.3890
Mali Orange Mobile0.2250
Mali Cellular0.3990
Malta Land0.2350
Malta Mobile0.5250
Malta Go Mobile0.5250
Malta Vodafone Mobile0.5250
Martinique Land0.4250
Martinique Mobile0.4250
Martinique Digicel Mobile0.4250
Martinique Orange Mobile0.4250
Mauritania Land0.4170
Mauritania Mattel Mobile0.4170
Mauritania Mauritel Mobile0.4170
Mauritania Chinguitel Mobile0.4170
Mauritius Island Land0.2350
Mauritius Island Orange Mobile0.2350
Mauritius Island Emtel Mobile0.2350
Mauritius Island Mtml Mobile0.2350
Comoros Land0.4000
Mexico Land0.0230
Mexico Equal Access Mobile0.0230
Mexico Mgm Mobile0.0230
Mexico Mobile0.0230
Moldova Land0.3990
Moldova Orange Mobile0.2650
Moldova Eventis Mobile0.2650
Moldova Moldtelecom Mobile0.3990
Moldova Transnistria Mobile0.2990
Moldova Moldcell Mobile0.3990
Moldova PMR0.1950
Moldova Cellular0.3990
Monaco Land0.1050
Monaco Mobile Kosovo/Guinea0.3950
Monaco Mobile0.3950
Mongolia Land0.0270
Mongolia Mobile0.0270
Montenegro Land0.3330
Montenegro Mtel Mobile0.3330
Montenegro Promonte Mobile0.3330
Montenegro Tmobile Mobile0.3330
Morocco Land0.0340
Morocco Fixed Meditel0.3850
Morocco Meditel Mobile0.3850
Morocco Mobile0.3850
Morocco Wana Mobile0.3850
Mozambique Land0.2150
Mozambique Mcel Mobile0.2150
Mozambique Vodacom Mobile0.3990
Mozambique Movitel Mobile0.2150
Namibia Land0.3000
Namibia Mtc Mobile0.3000
Namibia Leo Mobile0.3000
Nepal Land0.1160
Nepal Nt Mobile0.1160
Nepal Smart Mobile0.1160
Nepal Spice Mobile0.1990
Netherlands Land0.0400
Netherlands Mobile0.2850
Netherlands Kpn Mobile0.2850
Netherlands Vodafone Mobile0.2850
Netherlands T-Mobile Mobile0.2850
Netherlands Telfort Mobile0.2850
Netherlands Tele2 Mobile0.2850
Netherlands Antilles Land0.2850
Netherlands Antilles Mobile0.2850
Netherlands Antilles St. Marteens Ecc Mobile0.2850
Netherlands Antilles Digicel Mobile0.2850
New Zealand Land0.0500
New Zealand Land Mobile0.2700
New Zealand Vodafone Mobile0.0490
New Zealand Auckland0.0500
Nicaragua Land0.1420
Nicaragua Mobile0.2560
Nicaragua Telefonica Mobile0.2280
Nicaragua Fixed Onnet0.2280
Nicaragua Managua0.1590
Niger Land0.4990
Niger Orange Mobile0.3990
Niger Sahelcom Mobile0.3990
Niger Telecel Mobile0.4990
Niger Cellular Celtel0.4990
Niger Premium0.4990
Niger Airtel Mobile0.4990
Nigeria Land0.0660
Nigeria Mobile0.0660
Nigeria Mobile Mtn0.0660
Nigeria Nitel Mobile0.0660
Nigeria Starcomms Mobile0.0660
Nigeria Airtel Mobile0.0660
Nigeria Etisalat Mobile0.0660
Nigeria Globacom Mobile0.0660
North Korea Land0.9000
Norway Land0.0500
Norway Mobile0.2450
Norway Netcom Mobile0.2450
Norway Telenor Mobile0.2450
Norway Tele2 Mobile0.2450
Norway Oslo0.2450
Oman Land0.2325
Oman Mobile0.2325
Oman Nawras Mobile0.2325
Pakistan Land0.0500
Pakistan Mobile0.0500
Pakistan Mobilink - Mobile0.0500
Palestine Land0.3550
Palestine Mobile0.3550
Panama Land0.0330
Panama Digicel Mobile0.1180
Panama Cable & Wireless Mobile0.1180
Panama Mobile0.1180
Panama Telefonica Mobile0.1180
Panama Claro0.1180
Panama Movistar0.1180
Paraguay Land0.0450
Paraguay Vox Mobile0.0950
Paraguay Personal Mobile0.0950
Paraguay Tigo Mobile0.1250
Paraguay Mobile0.1250
Peru Land0.0170
Peru Mobile0.0540
Peru Others0.0170
Philippines Land0.1250
Philippines Smart Mobile0.1490
Philippines Smart Mobile0.1490
Philippines Globe Mobile0.1490
Philippines Globe Mobile0.1490
Philippines Mobile0.1490
Philippines Sun-Celluar Mobile0.1490
Poland Land0.1990
Poland Orange Mobile0.1990
Poland P4 Mobile0.0990
Poland Era Gsm Mobile0.1990
Poland Plus Gsm Mobile0.0990
Poland Centernet Mobile0.1990
Poland Polsat Mobile0.0990
Poland Mobile0.0990
Poland Premium0.1990
Portugal Land0.0200
Portugal Mobile Land0.0830
Portugal Optimus Mobile0.1200
Portugal Tmn Mobile0.4990
Portugal Vodafone Mobile0.4990
Portugal VoIP0.0300
Portugal Lycatel0.4990
Qatar Land0.2000
Qatar Mobile0.2000
Qatar Vodafone Mobile0.2000
Reunion Island Land0.3370
Mayotte Land0.4000
Mayotte Mobile0.4000
Reunion Island Mobile0.3370
Romania Land0.0250
Romania Mobile0.0660
Romania Vodafone Mobile0.0660
Romania Orange Mobile0.0660
Romania Cosmote Mobile0.0660
Romania Telemobil Mobile0.0660
Romania Other Networks0.0660
Romania Premium0.0660
Romania Special Services0.0660